Virtual PBX solution

How to Improve VOIP Call Quality With Virtual PBX Solutions

You need to check if the firewall on your computer is interfering in any way. If so, go to the settings and change them to allow VoIP application access from the internet using virtual PBX solutions or seek IT support for further information.

You should also customize your computer using a suitable internet optimizer so that it is able to handle the packet sizes and transfer speeds used for broadband. This can change your operating system’s network settings thus improve speed and internet connection.

When using VoIP voice is usually converted into packets of data and the standards used are called codecs. It is wise to seek advise and compare the standards before you settle on equipment. Choose the software with the highest bit rate.

Ensure that the system requirements of the VoIP software are compatible with your computer. Improved bit rate may require increased processing power so ensure that the two are in harmony.

You can also choose to replace the wireless components with ones that require you to use a cable. This is because the signal in wireless equipment for example WiFi can get the signals distorted.

Buy a telephone handset that can be plugged into the computer using a USB port. Normally when one uses the integrated computer speakers there can be interference because of the distance the voice travels thus a good reason why a handset would be better.

Run ping on your computer to check on the line speeds. Ensure the latency time is not more than 150Ms and the loss rate should not be above 0.5 percent because this may result in delayed or dropped calls.

Ensure that you are getting the bandwidth that your Internet Service Provider specified and that it matches your VoIP provider’s requirements.

VoIP is a very important mode of communication and as is the case with every other mode of communication, quality is a very important. Quality can be improved by looking at these four factors: software, equipment, line speed and transfer capacity. You may be required to spend more to ensure you get the best quality. It is important to upgrade your computer to ensure that it is functioning at its best. There are a couple of things you can do to improve on the quality of VOIP calls.