Hosted PBX Solutions

List of VoIP Controller Products for Hosted PBX Soultions

This controller has been built around the famous 7600 sequence routers of Cisco, which permits clients by now with the help of the routers in order to incorporate the controllers of session border into the network and there is no need to install other layers of detached hardware. The 7600 sequence controllers can perform various features needed to handle the voice passage flow along with the policy of bandwidth and traversal of firewall.
The controller designed by dialogic has been manufactured mainly to facilitate security and passage of the network. The business group pushes its programming design in order to lessen both the time and the cost that has is needed for the accomplishment that is allowed through a fully apparent signaling method.
The hardware of Acme is designed in such a way to border with the products of Avaya, especially Avaya Aura communications manager. This permits both Avaya and Acme to present a combined solution that is related to 7600 series controller pushed by the Cisco. The net to net session controllers of Acme are made with proper security along with the capability of network switching.

VoIP controller is voice over Internet Protocol or it is named as a controller for session border for hosted PBX solutions. This controller does the work of controlling the call access to any computer network with the help of standardizing the passage present at the network border. It is also set with various features that are premeditated in order to enhance the efficiency through which the calls can be progressed in the given network. The controllers for session borders have become popular with their business clients using the technology of VoIP, to better manage with the maximum volume calls and also to standardize the passage flow from unprotected sources to the confined network. There are countless producers of controllers for session border and the most famous ones are Cisco, Acme and Dialogic. For more information contact ITNetFix the IT Support people.